Hall of Fame Club Members

Induction is for club participation above and beyond normal participation and accomplishments that set individuals apart from all other members.

Bill Kehoe

Bill Kehoe has been inducted into the 2002 Badger State HRC Hall of Fame.

Bill is the founder of the BSHRC. He has been and will continue to be a pillar of support for all club members that are finding their way through training. His support given to club officers, individuals working on the organzation of hunt tests, and club members in general has been exemplary.

Bill has impacted each and every member of BSHRC in one way or another. Much of the club members' success comes from those who have "been there" and are willing to share their experience. It is fitting that BSHRC honor those, whom honor is due. There could not be a better "first" inductee into the Hall of Fame than Bill Kehoe.

Tom Haupert

Tom Haupert has been inducted into the 2002 Badger State HRC Hall of Fame.

Tom was one of the first members of BSHRC, since its beginning in 1995, and has been involved with HRC for many years. Tom's accomplishments with Breeze and now Storm speak volumes about Tom's dedication to training. He is always willing to train when asked and has helped other with training dilemmas. Tom has hosted various training sessions at his farm and was the primary training coordinator for the Whitewater Satellite Training Group.

Tom has served as one the club delegates to the Ottawa Field Trial Association and has been very invovled with the development of the training areas at Ottawa Field Trial Grounds and the Eagle Dog Training Area. He served on the BSHRC Board of Directors and has held numerous positions during official and fun events. Tom Haupert representsBSHRC well and is respected among HRC members throughout Region 8.