Hall Of Fame

  1. Purpose - To recognize retrievers or club members that have distingquished themselves by special accomplishments or traits that truly separate them from others.
  2. Induction Criteria - Nominees or their owners must be in good standing with Badger State HRC and HRC. Dogs of members can be nominated more than once.
    1. Dogs
      1. Titles - HRCH, GRHRCH, 500 points or 1000 points
      2. Prodigy - dam or sire to % or more HR's or 3+ HRCH's
      3. Special Accomplishments - i.e. overcoming a severe handicap, acts of heraldry, etc.
    2. Club Members
      1. Club Participation (above and beyond the normal). This involvement should have a direct and significant impact of the club or it;s members.
      2. Special Accomplishment (things that make them truly unique). These should set the individual apart from all members.
  3. Approval Process - All nomination shall be submitted to the Board of Directors. Nominations submittal must be done in writing and well documented. Dogs nominated for achieved titles or accomplished prodigy will be approved in order by the date on which the qualification occurred. Upon approval from the Board of Directors, Hall of Fame inductees will be notified.
  4. Induction Ceremony and Website - Hall of Fame inductee will be honored annually. Multiple nominations will be honored accordingly. In addition, suitable photographs and biographies (including the specific criteria met by eash inductee) will be posted to the Badger State HRC website.